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Adora is a modern African clothing boutique for children. We have patterns and textiles with deep historical roots which create a one-of a kind design. Adora's clothing is currently made for girls ages 2-10 and is available online to the masses. Each outfit is made with love and integrity with the child in mind. Our vision is to bring a smile to every child that puts on an Adora outfit. Adora garments will become instant favorites!



Adora’s vision is to bring a smile to every child that puts on one of our outfits. Here at Adora, we believe that every child should be able to dress with confidence and style. Most importantly, we believe that children should be children. We always strive to provide age-appropriate, unique, quality clothing. 



Adora’s founder, Gladys Atinuke Abraham began sewing at the early age of 8, making clothes for her dolls in Nigeria. Many nights she wouldn’t stop sewing until she was forced to go to bed. As a professional dressmaker, who no longer sews for dolls but for adults, children and large groups, Gladys taught herself how to sew and has been in business for many years. She had the opportunity to study design in Germany, and after graduating she came to the United States of America to continue her studies in dressmaking. Finally, with her family’s help and encouragement, she established her business Glad Fabrix, a fabric store and custom clothing boutique. She has been sewing professionally for 35 years. Gladys gets inspired by colors, styles, clothing, textiles, and people. Because she takes time to know her customers, she has received many commendations for her work, and is highly acclaimed in the DC metropolitan area for making customized formal wear for special occasions. 

Apart from her business endeavors, Gladys’ greatest accomplishment is being a wife, mother, and grandmother. Something very close and dear to her heart are underprivileged children. When she looks at her Grandchildren, her heart aches for children who have no clothes to wear and no food to eat. It will gladden her heart to be able to donate part of Adora’s proceeds and volunteer with a local organization that supports children in these circumstances.

Adora - Too Cute To Resist!

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